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Personalized Promotional Stress Balls

Animal Stress Balls
In this section you will find a vast selection of animal shaped stress balls. Just imagine your logo on one of these balls. Great promo idea!
Emoji Stress Balls
Relax with these fun custom Emoji Stress Relievers! Promotional Emoji Stress Reliever, Imprinted Emoji Stress Reliever, Custom Emoji Stress Reliever, Trade show Emoji Stress Reliever
Food Stress Balls
Here is a wide range of food related stress balls, all of these balls can be personalized with your corporate logo or message. Fruit shaped stress balls, vegetable shaped stress balls and much more!
Industrial Stress Balls
Wide range of stress balls relating to the industrial sector. Tool-shaped stress balls, truck-shaped stress balls, tractor-shaped stress balls, block-shaped stress balls and more. All of our stress balls can be personalized with your logo and message for effective and fun advertising.
Medical Stress Balls
In this section you will find a wide variety of stress balls related to the healthcare profession. As usual, all of these items may be personalized with your logo or corporate theme. Medical or Dentistry theme stress balls. Bone shaped and anatomy shaped stress balls.
Miscellaneous Stress Balls
Stress balls for all tastes, sizes, styles and colors. All our stress balls are available with your logo. Just imagine your logo on one of these balls.
People Stress Balls
Many different stress balls shapes and theme related individuals in this section. All of these items can be personalized with your corporate logo.
Slow-Release Stress Balls
A new kind of stress relievers! Our Slow-Release Custom Stress Balls will help sooth your tension.
Sports Stress Balls
There isn't a sport alive today that is not represented in this section. If you would like to increase the popularity of your sport or promote your association, put your logo on one of the most popular stress reliever items around. Hockey puck stress balls, soccer stress balls, football stress balls and much more!
Stress Balls Keychain
Everyone loves to play with stress relievers, and who doesn't need and use a keychain? In this section you will find the perfect combination of both items to promote your message and display your logo.
Stress Busters
Discover the Stress Busters! A new kind of plush stress ball with a flexible gel-bead ball on the inside.
Technology Stress Balls
In todays highly advanced technological world, these items are amongst the most popular stress relievers, and let's be honest... who can't use some stress relief? The recipient will be grateful, all the while with your logo beautifully displayed on the item. Personalized Light bulb stress balls, cloud stress balls.
Transportation Stress Balls
In this section you will find almost every means of transportation in the shape of a stress ball, cars, trucks, buses, metro cars, emergency vehicles and much much more.

Linéaire offer personalized promotional stress balls, corporate gifts, marketing campaigns products, tradeshow giveaways, we can source any item that you need locally or from overseas markets. With over 35 years experience in the promotional products industry, your event is sure to be a success! Competitive pricing with outstanding customer service, before and after the sale. Best graphic services in the industry, free virtual proofs displaying your logo on the actual promotional product. Customer satisfaction and meeting your event date is our primary goal.

We represent over 8,000 manufacturers and importers across the world with more then 1,000,000 products at our disposal. We also import direct from the Orient when time restraints and quantity permit.


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